[20 Pack] Diamond Guard Premium Pop Protectors for 4” Funko Pop! Figures.

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Diamond Guard Premium Pop Protectors are The Finest Pop Protectors on the market today.
  • Scratch-Resistant - With a special coating, the Diamond Guard Protector is truly scratch resistant. ( Up to 2.5 on the Moh's scale of hardness. )
  • No Annoying Film - Since our protector is scratch resistant, there is no need for any annoying film.
  • Exceptional Thickness - Made with 0.50 mm thick, 100% recyclable acid free PET plastic.
  • Diamond Guard Strong - Engineered with reinforced edges to ensure strength and integrity.
  • Flat Tops - Stack your Pops to the moon. ( For best results please fold all tops and flaps well. See our build guide video. )
  • One Pop Auto-Lock - Assemble in an instant with an audible pop. No folding needed to shape the box.