Diamond x Reviews

Such a solid pop protector! This is definitely one of the best soft pop protectors out there on the market. The quality of the pop protector is a lot better than most regular soft protectors. Also with the “one pop auto-lock” it makes it a lot easier to assemble. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for pop protectors for their pops!


Being a Funko Pop collector, I have come across many different brands. I can tell you that Diamond Guard have been the best so far; Superior in sturdiness, scratch resistance and durability!
Those edges will truly protect your investment throughout the years!

DJ Farjeat

You can tell from the box they come in they’re on another level and they definitely are. Way more sturdy and balanced than the cheaper brands and I stack a lot of my pops on top of each other so having the flat top works wonders. I’ll definitely be purchasing these from here on out.


These soft protectors are awesome. They are thicker than any soft case I've purchased and they are very sturdy. The flaps fold perfectly flat, leaving a flat surface so u can stack if need be. I recommend when folding into shape, that you bend the folds back and forth maybe two times. This ensures the flaps rest perfectly flat into shape. I love these protectors and highly recommend them for your pop collection!! Definitely buying these again!


I was super surprised to find out this was a new company, because the quality and packaging of these protectors are top of the line! There is no meddlesome film on each individual protector yet each one is in perfect shape, and all were super easy to assemble in seconds. Both me and my Funko Pop! collection are happy about this one! My new go-to protectors for sure. Thank you!


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